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Royalty Porcelain 12 Piece Miniature Espresso Coffee Set, 24K Gold, Bone China

Review Royalty Porcelain 12 Piece Miniature Espresso Coffee Set, 24K Gold, Bone China

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Royalty Porcelain 12 Piece Miniature Espresso Coffee Set, 24K Gold, Bone China

Carefully prepared kaolin, feldspathic stone and animal bone ingredients are fired at temperatures around 2200 F to become a terrific material, which is both strong and soft. Such blend is ideal for tableware like plates and mugs, it provides substantial durability, competitive chip resistance and absolutely great feel.The 24K gold-plated coffee/tea set is beautifully decorated with antique painting, highlighting in royal red and golden border, it will be perfect for any kind of tea parties and for everyday use. Indeed, it is a great feeling to own bone-china items, especially knowing that they can stay within the family for generations to come. Whether buying bone china for its collectability or for its practical durability, it is a beautiful addition to one's dinnerware cabinet. The intricate designs of bone china may wow dinner guests even more than the food served on them, and they make an unusual decoration when purchased for display only. Royal Porcelain is famous for it's exceptional quality and eloquent design. Comes in gift packaging and makes an impressive gift that will be remembered.-Premium Quality Bone China Porcelain-Set includes: 6 Coffee Cups + 6 Saucers-Dimensions: 2H x 2.5W, 4 Oz Cup + Saucer 4.5W-Vintage Cobalt Pattern, 24K Gold-Plated-Made in Czech Republic

Royalty Porcelain 12 Piece Miniature Espresso Coffee Set, 24K Gold, Bone China Tips & Ideas

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