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3-Piece Garian Vintage Style Airtight Canister Tea Coffee Sugar

Review 3-Piece Garian Vintage Style Airtight Canister Tea Coffee Sugar

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3-Piece Garian Vintage Style Airtight Canister Tea Coffee Sugar

Garian's stainless steel vintage canisters (Triangular) are handcrafted in stainless steel material with mirror finish have beautiful engraving Tea Coffee and Sugar.These metal canisters have silicone rubbers inside the lids, making canisters air tight. A modern look yet Vintage by roots, product provides retro themed kitchen storage.-Set of 3 canisters in Stainless Steel-Mirror polished canisters with stainless steel airtight covers-Stylish engraved/etched tea coffee and sugar-Size: 4 x 4, Capacity: 30 oz/pc-Hand wash only

3-Piece Garian Vintage Style Airtight Canister Tea Coffee Sugar Tips & Ideas

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